Module 1Recorded Lectures 24th Aug 2021
Unit 2Recorded Lecture: Management of COVID-19 Quarantine & Low Risk Treatment Center (PKRC)
Unit 3Recorded Lecture: Artificial Intelligence in Urinalysis
Unit 4Recorded Lecture: Advancement in Quality Management & GEM PREMIER FAMILY In Malaysia
Unit 5Recorded Lecture: Molecular Diagnostic in Thalassemia
Unit 6Recorded Lecture: Case Study Hyperammonemia Due to Urea Cycle Defects
Unit 7Recorded Lecture: Testing Strategies in COVID-19 Pandemic
Unit 8Recorded Lecture: Molecular Diagnostics in Medical Mycology; Better Late Than Never
Unit 9Recorded Lecture: Zoonotic Malaria in Southeast Asia
Module 2Recorded Lectures 25th Aug 2021
Unit 1Recorded Lecture: Educating 21st Century Medical Laboratory Scientists: Why, What and How Do We Have to Do Differently?
Unit 2Recorded Lecture: Allied Health Professions Act 2016: Issues in the Implementation
Unit 3Recorded Lecture: The Burden of Chronic Metabolic Disorders and Real Time Monitoring of Diabetes Mellitus
Unit 4Recorded Lecture: Precision Health in Toxicology
Unit 5Recorded Lecture: Biomedical Research and Innovation in a Doughnut World
Unit 6Recorded Lecture: Updates in Laboratory Diagnosis of Leptospirosis
Unit 7Recorded Lecture: SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Testing: Why, Who, When
Unit 8Recorded Lecture: Targeting Signalling Pathways in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Unit 9Recorded Lecture: Insects as Evidence in Forensic Science Investigation to Determine Post-Mortem Interval
Unit 10Recorded Lecture: Challenges in Drugs of Abuse Testing
Unit 11Recorded Lecture: Liquid Biopsy and Its Application in Medicine: Sharing an Experience
Unit 12Recorded Lecture: Pre-eclampsia Prediction and Prevention
Module 3Survey (please answer the survey Question in order to receive the e-certificate)
Unit 1Survey
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